Each time I pull on a pair of shorts or pants or pajama bottoms, I’ve noticed that I do the same thing: I grab my right butt cheek. Admittedly, I briefly cup it in the way that no girl ever wants her butt cupped by creepers at nightclubs, but it’s mine. And I need to know.


I need to know the firmness, volume and relative consistency. These are all catalogued somewhere in my subconscious so that I know with what amount of confidence I could sport my cheeky or thong bikini bottoms at any given time.

Though there have been improvements over the past month, I am still overcoming the lingering results of last year’s traveling/depression, which includes an unfortunate lack of firmness, volume and muscle.

Booty Booty Booty

“I’m sold!” I texted my friends right after meeting Monica 4 months ago. She enthusiastically encourages girls to squat lower and heavier with the confidence to know that others’ performance only enhances, rather than threatens, her own PR’s – something I seek in trainers. The next day I switched to Crossfit Reflex where she’s an owner and head coach.


Now she kicks my ass at noon daily. And she has the butt to prove it. When I needed to know butt exercises to do on top of our Crossfit WOD’s for bikini season, I knew where to turn.


6 Butt Workouts for Swimsuit Season

How do I plan to up the firmness, volume and muscle mass of my ass? A little something like this.

1. Bent Leg Hip Extension

  • How-to: Focus is on initiating movement from the glute and squeezing the butt to bring the leg up. Try to keep a neutral spine to limit hyperextension of the back. Can be performed with toes pointed and also with toes flexed.
  • How many: Perform 3 sets of 20 reps on each leg.

Starting and ending position


Straight Leg hip extension. Same points of performance as bent leg. Toes can be flexed and/or extended. Initiate movement from the glute.


2. Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlift

  • How-to: Keep back flat. Only go down as far as range of motion in hamstring and spine allows. Pull belly button into spine keeping abs tight. Initiate the return by squeezing the glute and hamstring, straightening the leg that is on the ground. Squeeze butt at the top and return. Can be done unweighted also.
  • How many: Perform 3 sets of 10 on each leg.



3. In N Outs

  • How-to: Feet start at shoulder width and as you jump up, spread feet apart to hip width to allow for squat depth to occur. As you raise up from the bottom of the squat, feet will come back to shoulder stance and repeat. Shoulder stance, jump feet out to squat stance, full squat, jump out of squat feet touching in hip stance and repeat. The key is making sure you “jump” out of the squat. It is a plyometric movement.

Bottom position: Make sure hips pass at or below the knees. Keeping weight in the heels/midfoot. Do not go forward onto your toes. Keep spine neutral. Drive knees out on the way up.





4. Double Leg Glute Bridges

  • How-to: Key is to press through the heels contracting posterior chain, glutes and hamstrings. Do not press so high that you feel tension or pain in the low back. Draw belly button into spine keeping midline tight. Return by lightly touching the butt to the ground and pressing back up. Try not to let the butt rest on the ground.
  • How many: Perform 3 sets of 20.




A harder variation would be to lift your hands straight in the air and not have them rest on the ground.

5. Jumping Lunge

  • How-to: Press firmly through the heel/midfoot of the front leg and try not to let your knee protrude too far over your toes. Initiate through the glutes and hamstring to straighten the front leg, squeezing the quadricep at the top.



Notice front leg is straight, hands are back, ready to come forward for counter balance as you switch the legs.



Notice the left leg is now in front.

6. Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats (or Rear Elevated Single Leg Squat)

  • How-to: Back leg is elevated on a bench or box and make sure not to be too high so that too much stress is placed on the low back when squatting. Should be no more than 18′ tall. Foot should be placed so when you reach the bottom of the squat, the ankle on the bench can rest firmly in plantar flexion with no pain. Front foot should be far enough away from the bench so when you reach the bottom of the squat your heels are rooted firmly on the ground and the knee is not jutting far forward past the toes. Belly button pulled in toward spine engaging the midline.
  • How many:  Perform 3 sets of 12 on each leg.



Notice the front heel is planted firmly on the ground and the knee is not jutting past the toes. Ankle rests firmly on the bench with no pain. Back is straight and chest is up, pressing through the posterior chain, glutes and hamstring, squeezing the quadricep also on the way up. Stand to full extension of the hips and return back to a squat. Goal is to lightly touch the back knee to the ground. Can also be done unweighted.

Location: Crossfit Reflex