“You can wear anything besides a bikini,” my future boss told me during the interview for my current position. Flashbacks of sitting in class at ASU donning a Juicy Couture cover-up from the pool because I could came flooding back. I was sold.

As soon as I started though, despite the lax dress code, the phrase “Dress better than your boss” haunted me like a Catholic school nun whose ruler was constantly within arm’s reach to measure questionable shorts and skorts. I secretly blamed the 1″ above the knee rule for killing my impersonation of a Britney Spear’s “Baby One More Time” backup dancer… You know.


Consequently, now that spring has sprung, I’ve been weighing out my wardrobe choices to embrace the awesome weather without feeling like I’ll be sent to the principal’s office. Or more realistically, make coworkers somewhat uncomfortable.

10 Pairs of Work-Appropriate Shorts for Spring

There are 3 things to consider when shopping for work-appropriate shorts:

  1. Would I wear these to Church? Hopefully
  2. Would I wear these to meet my boyfriend’s parents? Yes
  3. Would I wear these if I was a middle-aged woman in Wyoming going out to play golf? No

For a long time my go-to has been the Chino shorts from J. Crew in every color (and fitting into them year-over-year remains a personal goal/victory). Below are the others that I’m coveting this Spring, from laid back tech office attire to business casual.

P.S. If you need quick tan legs for them, this is how I achieve mine: Fake Bake Flawless