“You might have to smoke a doobie before this call, AJ,” my boss laughed. “It’s a big customer, and you need to be calm and collected.”

I rolled my eyes, made a Xanax joke and a simple “prep for call” to-do list item, but silently, somewhere in my subconscious, I kicked myself for once again being the girl whose anxiety warrants doobie dad jokes. I often wish I could complete simple tasks without feeling the pent-up nerves of performing standup. Or visiting the dentist. Or swimming with sharks.


However, an unused medical marijuana card still lived deep in my wallet collecting dust since receiving in the mail last June. The only thing that kept me from visiting my neighborhood dispensary was the anxiety of buying marijuana to treat my anxiety.

The Perfect Marijuana Strains for 10 Everyday Activities

“It’s been a year,” David said over the live music at the bar of a new Phoenix bar. “Best year of my life!”

His widespread smile proved it. While there have been plenty of things that have changed in the few years since last hanging out, discovering the positive effects of marijuana as Marketing Manager for Giving Tree Wellness Center seemed to top the list for David.

In light of 420 – and in lieu of weekday wine – he has provided the perfect marijuana strains for these 10 everyday activities.


1. Easing general anxiety for the day

ACDC: High CBD, low THC content will melt away stress while keeping a functional mind.

2. Going to a concert

Sour Diesel: Sweet, energetic and exhilarating — how music should be heard.

3. Watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn

Granddaddy Purple: A strong body high, the perfect recipe great for chill nights.

4. Having sex

Jilly Bean: A sativa start to get you giggling and flirty, and just the right amount of indica properties to make your whole body feel amazing.

5. Pregaming before weekend drinking

Lemon Haze: Tastes great with a fruity beer, and won’t make you crash before the party starts.


6. Writing a blog post at night

Durban Poison: Known for it’s creative properties, this will keep the ideas flowing and the mind firing on all cylinders.

7. Being social on a date

OG Kush: Puts you in a relaxed, but focused state. Great when having to pay attention/listen.

8. Relax at night without the munchies

Girl Scout Cookies: A heavy-hitter with “couch lock” properties that will put you to sleep before you get hungry.

9. Relieving hangovers

Death Star: Go for this body buzzing Indica that won’t put you to sleep, stay clear from any heady sativas to keep the headaches at bay.

10. Doing a physical activity, like hiking

Green Crack: Lots of energy and cerebral effects that keep you motivated and moving.


After receiving his responses, I had one more question for David in case I finally decided to partake in today’s celebrations: “What should an inexperienced smoker consume on 420?”

“Get anything with high CBD content (with low THC) and pair 50/50 with normal weed (mid to high THC).” And maybe a gummy bear’s foot…