Confession: I’ve worn fake lashes almost every day for the past 5 years. Most days it’s the only makeup I wear.

Because of this, many people have asked me, “Doesn’t that take forever? How do you do it?” Here is how.

10 Quick Steps to Fake Lashes

1) Purchase lashes: I always buy the Ardell Demi Wispies/Natural for a natural look or Ardell Glamour for going out. The 5-pack is great and will last forever. Available at drugstores, Target and Walmart.

2) Measure: If it’s the first time wearing the set make sure that it fits the length of your lash line, starting on the inside.

3) Trim if needed: If they’re a little long on the outside, trim (typically 3 – 4 lashes in)

4) Use DUO glue and apply thin layer: You can use other glues too, but DUO has always been my go-to and lasts all day/night. Squeeze just a tiny bit and apply a thin layer across the lash.

5) USE TWEEZERS: This is huge. They will give you the precision that your fingers won’t. It takes a little practice but once you’re used to holding the lashes with them it makes it super easy.

6) Let dry for 1 – 2 minutes: THIS IS HUGE TOO. Most packages say to let them dry for 30 seconds which is not long enough. You want the glue to be tacky. You can either hold them with your tweezers and lightly blow on them or even set them down on your counter while doing the rest of your makeup. (Because of the contoured shape they won’t lie flat and stick)

7) Apply: Once the glue is tacky apply the lashes, starting in the middle then securing the inside and the outside. It’s okay if you need to start over or if the glue is visible because it will dry clear.

NOTE: Always try to glue them just behind your lash line to preserve your lashes. Gluing them on top of your lashes isn’t ideal.

8) Repeat on the other eye: If they don’t look identical, that’s okay! Mascara will typically take care of it.

9) Apply mascara: Once the glue has dried, apply your mascara. The first time I wear mine I typically apply mascara on top and bottom. After that I just apply to the bottom lashes. If you’re applying eyeliner, apply it after the lashes are on. (Lately I’ve been opting out of eyeliner for a more natural look)

10) Enjoy! They’ll stay on all day and night but make sure to remove them before going to bed. Simply peel off the glue from the lashes and keep in a safe spot so they’re ready to re-wear.


  1. Why don’t you just get lash extensions? Fake eyelashes are more cost effective for me right now ($5 every 3 weeks vs. $30-40). Someday when I have a boyfriend, I will. So that he’s not creeped out.
  2. How many times do you re-wear them? Until they’re mangled.
  3. Do you ever sleep in them? I try not to but it happens a lot on the weekends. Sometimes they survive and other times they’re mistaken for a caterpillar on the carpet – which is bad for your lashes.
  4. Does it pull out your regular lashes when you remove them? Unfortunately, it has when I’m not careful. That’s why it’s important to only use a little bit of glue, make sure it’s tacky vs. wet when applying and glue just behind your lash line. Also, remove them carefully.