“Could you please not?! This is really embarrassing,” I asked the three young men who peeked their heads out of the kitchen backdoor. This was the third time I had caught them staring at the spectacle that I had created in the alleyway.

I couldn’t blame them though.


One minute I was posing. The next minute I was running to the tripod to set the timer again. Back and forth in my bikini like a trainwreck tennis match, and the restaurant’s kitchen staff weren’t the only spectators. There was also the couple who had finished lunch, the gentleman riding by on his beach cruiser and a man with a backpack full of personal belongings who was trying to access the dumpster on my left.


The Venice Beach ocean breeze was the only thing keeping me from perspiring while in pursuit of some good shots. For the first time I wondered if blog life would be easier as a suburban housewife whose husband’s hobbies included playing with his DSLR. And then I quickly thought otherwise.


The reason for enduring this embarrassment? A love interest that started at the beginning of the summer. I had spotted the denim swimsuit on Nasty Gal’s app and when I went to try it on was smitten. Feeling non-committal, I left it sitting on the shelf until I had the balls to buy it.

And then this happened.


Oh Nicki, you’re so fine. I need to make that bikini mine…

It was like spotting a photo on Instagram of your crush with a hot girl. What was once perhaps a subtle desire is now an immediate need. Admittedly, the only thing holding me back were moving expenses: “Annie, you need wall art; not swimsuits.”


So, imagine my delight when shopping at Nasty Gal on Friday evening and discovering the denim bikini dangling from the 50% off sales rack. Even though Nicki beat me to it 10 weeks prior, and undoubtedly wore it best, I felt mildly Baywatch-esque as I skipped down the beach yesterday in Marina del Ray.

And since summer isn’t over until the resort pools close, I picked out the swimsuits that both girls and guys still need this year.

Top 10 Swimsuits Girls Still Need

Shop these suits from my Pinterest board: Swimsuits

Top 10 Swimsuits Guys Still Need

Shop these suits from my Pinterest board: Swimsuits

P.S. Yes, I like short shorts.