“I used to talk crap on fashion bloggers.”

Regret immediately set in as one of my favorite fashion bloggers stared back at me on the iPhone screen. It was like calling up Bruno Mars and admitting you always thought “Uptown Funk” kind of sucked.


I quickly attempted to explain the blasphemous confession but struggled to find the right explanation due to the distraction of my reflection in the corner of the Facetime window. Is that what I really look like when I talk? How does she still look cute?

Brooke ThreadsRefined2

Brooke from One Small Blonde

After daily spotting her perfectly styled photos in my Instagram feed, I was excited to meet Brooke via Facetime as I explained to her that the only reason for judging fashion bloggers was out of jealousy – and a misunderstanding. During my in-person styling session with Ginger, I had learned that there’s a certain formula to fashion. And like coding, stand-up comedy and cute guys, I’m eager to learn it.


In our ThreadsRefined virtual styling session I sought Brooke’s expert advice on how to establish my personal style and procure the items on my Pinterest Style board in a ThreadsRefined virtual styling session. Where did she get those suede thigh-high boots? And please tell me they didn’t cost $1k.

Brooke ThreadsRefined3

The Neutral-Loving Girl

“I would describe my style in 3 words,” Brooke said. “Simple, sophisticated, chic.”

“Based on your Pinterest board and the photos of your suitcase, it looks like you lean towards neutrals. Which is fine!” Brooke reassured me. “But what would you like your 3 words to be?”

Brooke Neutrals

Oh gosh, if I had to base it off my current wardrobe: Black, cropped and slightly accidental? But if I was aiming for aspirational:

  1. Minimal: I want effortless in the form of white, black and every shade of gray in-between.
  2. Classic: I want to stop buying Forever21 emoji sweatshirts I’ll wear once.
  3. Pseudo-edgy: Because I also want to be Sophia Amoruso.

Brooke ThreadsRefined

4 Winter Essentials Neutral Girls Need

Based on my style preferences and budget, Brooke recommended pieces that will carry me – and all other neutral-loving gals – through the rest of winter and are within my price range of $25 – $150.

1. Textured Solid Top


2. Neutral Suede Boots


3. Patterned Scarf


4. Everyday Outerwear