Minted’s “Keys, Wallet, Phone” gold-foiled print couldn’t have arrived at a better time. After a week of business travel to Texas accompanied by BBQ and wings, I was ready for a uniquely-LA, pseudo-hipster, cheap-but-amazing type of weekend.


Before running down to meet our Uber to head towards Silverlake’s monthly BREW HAHA, my friend and I did a quick “keys, wallet, phone” check. And when we later arrived home after free beers, free treats and a large bar stamp on our arm that we seriously considered getting permanently tattooed on, we once again clumsily checked for KWP.


Thanks to the latest addition to my entryway, all belongings were indeed safe and sound instead of nuzzled in the depths of an Uber seat cushion.

Similarly, in an attempt to continually piece together my living space, I’ve slowly purchased items that I can afford now while reserving space for modern-style items on my wish list.

8 Modern Pieces to Style Your Entryway

8 Modern Pieces for Your Entryway

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Additional Items I’m Eyeing

Plus, the phone case, of course: Don’t Drink & Text Phone Case, SOML $17.95