Where is my phone?

This is inevitably my first thought every morning when I wake up after an evening of drinking. No matter what shenanigans may have taken place, I can breathe a little easier if I find it lying next to my mascara-stained pillow in one piece. Until realizing there are unread text messages and retrace my steps, “Who was the last person I talked to?” Depending on the severity of potential embarrassment, these will likely go unread until a glass of wine later that day.



The Apple Watch

As a fan of the tech industry and an Apple groupie, part of my morning routine includes reading the latest TechCrunch articles over coffee the instant I sit down at my desk each day. While pre-ordering of the Apple Watch neared, a majority of TC’s articles have been dedicated to every component of Apple’s latest arm candy from battery life to supported apps.

“I just realized something! The Apple Watch might be my solution to not taking my phone out with me and not having anxiety that I’m going to lose it,” I messaged my coworker during an engineering meeting. Something about solving software problems immediately sparked a solution to one of mine.


“Interesting. I wonder how hard it will be to text back,” he replied.

Already on it. “I guess it analyzes the incoming texts and suggests quick replies… which would also cut down on my weird/cryptic drunk texts.”

The Answer to My Problems?

It sounded perfect for any nights I’m over-served. And to be clear, I don’t have a drinking problem per se. I can go a night or 5 without a beer. However, as a 27 year old girl who considers wine a pastime, I do experience problems that arise as a result of drinking, especially those caused by my phone, or lack of, including:

  • Drunk texts – Reading them will embarrass you more than buying protection at your local gas station.
  • Drunk selfies – I think I look really good around 1 a.m.
  • Losing my phone – The worst anxiety of my life is experienced inside Verizon Wireless stores on Sundays while explaining to employees that all I need in life is water and a new phone. And where do I lose it exactly? I wish I knew, but probably…
    • While paying
    • While in a cab
    • While standing in the bathroom line checking to see if my friends have contacted me

So, was I one of the girls booking an appointment for an Apple Watch pre-order?


The Pro’s and Con’s

1. You still need your phone with you.

  • Pro: Even though I still need to have my phone on-hand for the messaging and calls to work, I am less likely to take my phone out of my clutch, thus significantly decreasing the likelihood of losing it.
  • Con: I could still lose my whole clutch. That happens.

2. Keyboard

  • Pro: Since there is no keyboard, messages must be said into the microphone or selected from pre-set responses. I like the idea of only being able to select from pre-set responses that I programmed soberly.
  • Con: As my coworker/friend pointed out after my initial excitement, “Or…. hopefully it doesn’t recommend replies based on your past texts.” That could be scary.


3. Apple Pay

  • Pro: If I could swipe my wrist to pay for drinks at the bars, this would also cut down on the amount of credit and debit cards I have left, as well as the amount of times I need to open/close my clutch. (Again, protecting the phone.)
  • Con: My bank statement could be just that much more maybe-I-need-a-second-job-scary the next morning.

4. Battery life

  • Pro: The battery is supposed to last all day.
  • Con: As my dear TechCrunch states, “Battery life could be the Achilles heel for the Apple Watch.” I can barely handle managing my life + my phone’s battery life, let alone another device that can be drained of energy all too quickly. Like, ever hear of solar?

5. Apps

  • Pro: U-B-E-R!
  • Con: Given the drunk photo complaint, it’s probably in my best interest but… no built-in camera. Therefore, no posting to Instagram via my wrist.


6. Looks

  • Pro: The Watch Edition is super cute. I would wear one with heels.
  • Con: They cost a bazillion dollars. Well, just $10,000 – $17,000 which is, unfortunately, out of this girl’s I-blog-for-free budget. Oh, and did I mention they’re only water-resistant; not waterproof? (Roughly 45% of my drinking is poolside vodka waters.)

Because of that, I did not pre-order an Apple Watch. However, the good news is that the Apple Watch 2 is supposed to have improved features at a lower cost. Don’t worry, I’ll keep my eyes glued to the tech news in the meantime… as well as my phone… and the amount of drinks I consume.

What I’m wearing: Nasty Gal Crossfire Bikini Top
What I’m not wearing: The Apple Watch – Though I wish I was despite the con’s.