I’m not sure if it’s moving from Arizona that has made me fall for cactus as of late or the fact that they seem to be everywhere right now.

And sporting Lee & Lani’s cactus mesh one-piece had me feeling extra prickly at the W Scottsdale pool. With each high-five that was received from fellow pool partiers, my confidence reached a ballsy high. This resulted in dancing until my feet burned and embarrassing outgoing texts (Round II) for someone to leave his friends and come over.

Lee and Lani Cactus Swimsuit

However, somewhere between re-runs of the Bruce Jenner interview, drunken rambling and an intro to my teddy bear, I may as well have been a saguaro myself – best admired at arm’s length. (“Why aren’t you cuddling me more?”)

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Perhaps I’ll chalk up my crazy behavior to my last weekend of desert dwelling, trying to soak in every last ounce of booze and boys like a cactus spine. However, it ended in feeling pretty un-cool and looking like a total hot mess as I dropped him off at his car the next day.

But ’tis life when you’re crushing on cactus. Sometimes you’re left high… and dry.

Location: The Saguaro Scottsdale