Police cars and caution tape blocked the entrance of my Crossfit gym this morning at 5:25 a.m. Apparently the corner of Centinela & Pico where we are typically found doing wall balls and sprints was instead a rainy crime scene this morning. Welcome to LA.

While every ounce of me wanted to crawl back in bed, I decided to take advantage of the extra hour…

  • I went to the store.
  • Randomly researched birth control on Google (“Are IUD’s free with Obama care?”).
  • I cooked chicken.
  • I listened to a podcast on Einstein and racism.
  • I decided to bake healthy mini muffins for portion control.
  • I ate 3 mini muffins… which was essentially 1 big muffin.

And somehow I’ve almost lost track of time, but fortunately, I now have the perfect women’s watch to ensure I still make it to work.


Honestly, I’m not typically a big fan of women’s watches. My last one women’s watch a large silver Coach one in college. I typically like the size of men’s watches but don’t enjoy the weight of them on my wrist.

When I discovered Jord Women’s Wood Watches I was excited that I could have the best of both. I love the Frankie women’s watch because:

  1. The wood is lightweight despite it’s large face.
  2. It goes with everything.
  3. The look is unique – it’s different than every other Michael Kors watch I’ve almost purchased in the last 5 years.


As I mentioned in my last post, it would also make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Enter the giveaway below to get a women’s or men’s watch for yourself or your valentine. One winner will receive a $100 code, and all other entrants will receive $25 once the contest ends, just for entering.

Wooden Wristwatch