In the summer of 1985 a young man lounged poolside at the DoubleTree Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. His shorts were inches from his waistline, but he had nothing to hide. The Newport Beach tennis courts provided just enough of a tan in time for his friend’s wedding weekend, and the Gold’s Gym squat rack ensured his legs were primed.

Dad at the pool

To be unprepared for one’s swim shorts would be a crime, and a resulting confidence meant he could wear whatever sunglasses he wanted.

Little did he know that a decade later his children would be victim to an era of swim shorts three times the size. He could only wonder, “Was it the natural ebb and flow of style trends, the rise of chicken legs or a complete carelessness for fashion rules of the pool?”

Eurothrash - Ping pong

The Resurgence of Short Swim Shorts

My friend, Cody, and I played ping pong next to the Saguaro Hotel pool, a few miles away from where my dad lounged about 30 years before. I texted him a photo of our short shorts, knowing he would be proud.


Every summer since college, Cody and I have sought out suitable bikini bottoms and swim shorts like two drunk kids searching for late night pizza… in a suburban neighborhood where everything unnervingly closes at 9pm.

While my desires for cheeky bottoms were finally sated by brands like Cami & Jax and Lee + Lani, Cody was left to survive on either knee-length board shorts or one-of-a-kind finds from trips abroad. When would the injustice be righted?


Well, instead of waiting, Cody made his own, and Eurothrash was born.

Eurothrash offers 80’s styles swim shorts that make a statement at the pool: “We wanted to throw it back to when guy thigh was high and the chicks found it fly.”

But do chicks still really find it fly?

Eurothrash - Cody and Annie5

Who Likes Short Swim Shorts?

To find out, I conducted a survey on my girl friends and 50 readers to find out who likes short shorts. The girls range in age from mid-20’s to mid-30’s and though the results came in from Los Angeles to New York, what they said were similar.

Do Girls Like Short Shorts Chart

Response1 Response2 Response3 Response4 Response5

What is your favorite length

What is not shown in the pie chart above is the option “To the knees.” Because no one selected it. Have the 80’s made a comeback – or have chicks still found them fly all along?

See you at the pool ✌

Eurothrash - Cody and Annie4 (1)