We should have requested the Uber earlier.

There is a certain window of time when the line at The Bungalow isn’t 100 people deep. But we had clearly missed it while drinking white wine through straws in my apartment down the street. Deadlines often cease to exist when girlfriends catch up on the latest sunless tanning solutions found on Amazon and speculation over the whereabouts of that missing Bumble boy.

Bungalow sign

Even on Sunday Funday.

Now Rachel and I stood with crossed arms – not exactly the power position one should practice at the mercy of the line – and surveyed the crowd who stood before us and wondered:

Is there an event we didn’t know about? Are we perhaps waiting to attend a miniature Coachella? Is today some kind of holiday that simultaneously celebrates a belated Easter, early Derby and maybe Lauren Conrad’s birthday?

Tobi white romper2

We looked back at each other from head-to-toe. Our tight-fitted Brandy Melville crop tops, short Urban Outfitters cut-offs and matching Converse sneakers didn’t quite fit in. Perhaps over Trader Joe’s Sauvignon Blanc we had forgotten we were in Santa Monica instead of our previous home, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Do we cut to the front of the line to try our luck anyway?


What To Wear for Sunday Funday in Santa Monica

While we looked like high schoolers ready to rage, despite our age and being regular Bungalow patrons, the girls in line perfectly practiced the “trying but not trying” look. Floral jumpsuits and white rompers abounded. Wedges had been whipped out for spring and their booties game was still going strong.

Tobi white romper3

It’s also safe to say the guys put us to shame in their beachy short-sleeve button-ups, Ray-Bans and driving loafers.

During our debate over what to do next we discussed the apparent do’s and don’ts of what to wear on Sunday’s in Santa Monica. On my latest Sunday’s I’ve been putting them to practice thanks to Tobi.


What to Wear

1. One-pieces: Rompers or jumpsuits are your best friend after a Saturday night out because they kill two birds with one stone for effortless style.


2. Flattering but not flashy: Crop tops are okay as long as you’re not dressed in head-to-toe spandex. A flowy crop top paired with denim shorts or a tight-fitting top with a loose skirt or shorts is perfect.

Tobi White Romper

3. Versatility: You might think you’re just going out for bottomless mimosas at Brick + Mortar, but no one goes home after bottomless mimosas. No one. Before walking out the door for brunch, consider swapping out your tote for a clutch and your New Balance for lace-up sandals or Vans.


3. High heels = hell no: Being known for the beach, Santa Monica can be described as “casual chic” which means primarily booties and maybe wedges if you want a heel.

Tobi white romper4

4. Prints and neutrals: Most girls seem to be sporting either floral patterns or white, black and nude.


5. Accessorize accordingly: With the sun still up until 8pm, hats are starting to be worn with the short-brimmed ones being my favorite. Sunglasses are also a must from Areal’s patio to the Bungalow outdoor bar.


6. Experiment: The awesome thing about Santa Monica? It’s still LA where nearly anything goes. Try out your new high tops or rock geometric frames. People will likely assume it’s the next big thing.

Bungalow Amor Sign

Which is part of the good news: we still got right in.

What I’m Wearing

Back of black romper