Last night, on Tuesday evening, I was that feminine douchebag who sang along to Drake’s “Club Goin’ Up” as I applied eyeliner for a pre-Super Bowl Open House party. Because of this, and a few vodka waters, my eyes were glued shut this morning. However, since the Phoenix Open dress I ordered from Nasty Gal had arrived late in the mail, I had no other choice but to wake up early and take pictures in my living room before work. Upon putting the sporty body con dress on, I realized that the cut-out sleeves accentuate my traps in a football player vs. cheerleader type way. Story of my life.

What to Wear to Phoenix Open

For the past 4 years I have blogged about what to wear to the Phoenix Open. Those posts did not migrate over to the new blog, however, everything that I have preached and learned in previous years still applies and can be summed up in the following bulleted list.

What to Wear to Phoenix Open

1. Spectator > Golfer

You want to look like a partier going to a golf tournament; not a golfer going to a party. In other words: Maxi dress > sweater vest. Though similar, it is not Bar Golf.

2. Prep for the weather.

Wear something cool enough that you won’t overheat but warm enough that you won’t have to rely on vodka to keep you warm in the chance of rain and chilly weather. This means shorts or a dress with long sleeves and/or blazer/sweater. Also, as unattractive and annoying as umbrellas can be, pack a mini one this year in case of rain.

What to Wear to Phoenix Open

3. Do not wear heels.

If a little extra heel height would complete your look best, opt for wedges or platform sandals. And while cute sneakers are in (rejoice!), New Balances are not.

4. Bring a small clutch or cross-body bag.

You don’t want Security to refuse your bag because they think you’re smuggling small children – or shots of Fireball – across the entrance.

5. Go for casual cute.

In general, you want to look cute enough to see a crush but casual and classy enough to potentially see your boss. (A similar strategy should be applied for alcohol consumption.)

For more outfit inspiration, check out my Phoenix Open Pinterest board.

Oh, and with very little cell phone reception leading to lots of roaming, phone battery life is a bit of a b-i-t-c-h. I would recommend bringing a portable phone charger in your purse just in case.


As always, you can find me wedged between the Garcia’s Food Tent and the bar. (Golf? What golf?)