“Let’s watch the sunrise on the rooftop,” Jordan said as we emerged from a warehouse building in Williamsburg in the early morning after a long evening of drinks followed by dancing to underground DJ’s. In a few hours we would find ourselves brunching over Bloody Mary’s before she called me an Uber into the city. Welcome to New York indeed.


At ASU Jordan Furbee was the girl whose name you would never forget. Like a furbee doll, her bright eyes were accompanied by a you’re-so-cute-and-sweet-I-could-squeeze-you personality. She was the type of girl who guys would like to date and girls would love to be: devoted girlfriend, Tempe 12 model, straight-A student and Pi Phi Pledge Mom. Personally, she saved me from failing Finance by kindly explaining formulas in the sorority study room. How could this beautiful girl be so brainy too?

In the four years that followed college, the only time I saw Jordan was in her bikini on a Hollywood Tan billboard as I drove down the I-10 towards Phoenix. Perhaps this why I was surprised when I arrived in Brooklyn, her new home, a few summers ago and found that her bikini had been swapped out for oversized tees and high heels for high-top Chucks. Was this the same Jordan Furbee I had known?


After our all-night rave sesh, I was prepared for anything on my latest trip to NYC as I stepped inside Jordan’s apartment. And once again it was not what I expected. We quietly caught up over tea, walked arm-in-arm under an umbrella for pizza and shopped sample sales in the Garment District. It was the perfect chance to get to know the city better, as well as my former sorority sister.

Annie and Jordan

Me and Jordan out in Chelsea

What I realized is that not only is Jordan Furbee still the same sweet girl we all knew, from an outsider’s perspective, she is more herself than ever. I was in awe of her bold wardrobe, fascinated by her stories and impressed by her career at a high-end fashion label. As we toured her office, decked out with mood boards and fabric swatches, it was inspiring and evident that those finance study sessions paid off. She made it.


New York City has provided Jordan with the perfect playground to be herself, and her love for the city is contagious. She has sold me on the idea of moving to the Big Apple one day so I asked her to share her story, as well as a look into the everyday life of this New York girl crush.

Why You Should Move to New York

I’ve called New York City home for nearly 3 years. Moving here was one of the scariest, and most exciting decisions of my life. Growing up in a small town in Ohio, New York City seemed so far from reality. Two thousand people in my hometown, and the county Apple Festival was the highlight of the year! After college at Arizona State came my first job in fashion, as a sales associate at Barneys.


Following a brief stint in Atlanta, GA and a breakup with my long-term college boyfriend, the NYC fire had officially been lit! Timing is everything – and within 2 weeks I’d made the move and settled into a new job. My bachelor’s in Finance opened the door to a financial management firm in the city. My largest client, a young fashion brand called SUNO, quickly gained huge recognition in the high fashion industry. Beginning of 2014 I moved in-house with SUNO, and have finally brought my two worlds together.

Jordan at NYFW

Jordan at SUNO’s show at NYFW 2015

3 years in New York City, and I still fall in love every single day. The opportunities and experiences are endless! This is a social city filled with interesting people, most of whom are happy and eager to meet fellow lovers of life. Dinner and drinks with friends at cozy restaurants, followed by nights out at hip bars or underground warehouse parties. Days spent shopping at neighborhood boutiques, or curled up with a friend or just a good book at any quaint coffee shop.


I may have turned into the typical single New Yorker – caught up in work, friends, and always looking for the next best thing. I see and meet so many attractive people that I rarely focus on one potential partner. I’m guaranteed to meet someone great the next night out, so if you don’t blow me away, on to the next. My life has taken me from small-town country livin’ to the busy, independent life I love now.

Snapshot into my life this past week


10am: Checked out the new Brooklyn Athletic Club – private pool, check! Sauna, check!
2pm: New doo by the fabulous Kenna from Kennaland, in Greenpoint
11:30pm: Drinks and an early start at Brooklyn Bowl for Nancy Whang show


12pm: Brunch with a gal-pal at Rabbithole, Cappuccino + Eggs Benedict + bacon = hangover cure!
1:30pm – 5pm: Me time, consisting of shopping, nails, and a good book at Tea Bar in Williamsburg.
7pm: Candlelight yoga class, best way to wind down before a long week. Thanks Yoga To The People



9:30am: Work, Happy Monday
7:30pm: Yoga – Monday blues officially gone!


8am: Morning coffee at El Biet with my roommate.
8:45pm: Blackberry cocktails at Bread in Nolita with an old co-worker. Bonus, cute servers and flirting!


7am: Morning yoga class, starting the day right
6:30pm: White wine and appetizers at the Hudson Hotel with girlfriends


9:30am: Last day of Fall 15 Market at the SUNO office
7pm: Weekly flute lesson at Brooklyn Woodwind & Brass



8:15am: Homemade green breakfast smoothie
4:30pm: Office pizza & margaritas! Early start to the weekend
9pm: Wine and House of Cards with my roommates – not braving the thirteen degrees outside!

For more Jordan >> @jfurb
Photos by Erin Kelly >> heyerinkelly.com