My morning Gmail inbox is like a buffet.

Blame the coffee or the news junkie in me, but I feel a little rush as I scroll through the daily feeds from my favorite publishers, including TechCrunch, Product Hunt and Refinery29. It reminds me a lot of how I felt on Easter Sunday as I held my plate at the front of the buffet line at El Chorro Lodge.


A Buffet To-Go Box

An article on the latest Apple product launch is like those savory slices of bacon. A list of Top Shop’s must-have sale items is pretty much the French Toast that I was tempted to start eating mid-line. And that write-up on the scientific reason women are attracted to men with beards and tattoos is like the carrot cake that nearly put me over the edge.

I wished so badly that I could coat the inside of my purse with Saran-Wrap and smuggle each delectable item for later. Or maybe just a to-go box. Instead I tried to consume as much as I could and was left with a food coma and an only half-drank mimosa (unheard of).


My eyes are always bigger than my stomach, and when it comes to news articles, my curiosity always outweighs the amount of time before my first morning meeting.

Fortunately, my co-worker informed me of this wonderful little to-go box for online content: Pocket. And I’ve been shoving articles in it ever since.

Why I Love Pocket So Much

Pocket Home Screen

1. It’s easy.

  • Install the Pocket app on your phone.
  • Download the Pocket browser extension on your computer.
  • As you browse the Internet, simply click the Pocket browser extension, tag the article and it’s saved to your Pocket!
  • It’s also easily to add anything you’re viewing on your phone by clicking Airdrop and selecting Pocket. Or email the article to

Pocket - SOML

2. Not everything is Pinterest-friendly.

As much as I adore my masochist Pinterest feed, filled with fattening desserts and skinny bikini models, I don’t necessarily feel like an article titled “Clear Deletes Dumb Tweets Before You Regret Them” warrants a visual pin. (Or the Blindfold app that I’m saving until I wrangle a boyfriend, i.e. indefinitely.)

Pocket - Slightly Inappropriate

3. You can be a content hoarder.

It’s like being a hoarder in a mansion: ample space to collect as much as I want. And it’s also super easy to archive content if/when you’re ready to part.

4. But stay organized.

The reason why it doesn’t stress me out is because it’s easy to tag each article so I can browse just gift ideas or only the tech news I didn’t have time to read.

Pocket - Tech Tag

5. And easily share with friends.

Pocket - Share

Obviously, I love to share. Unfortunately, the only part of the Easter buffet I was able to share with my friends were food porn Snaps. But using Pocket’s “Send to a Friend” feature, you can send an article to a friend’s Pocket or via email.

Pocket - Send to a Friend

Of course if there was a #6 it would be to save all of your favorite this-is-too-long-to-read-right-now SOML posts.