If Tinder is The Bachelor then Bumble is The Bachelorette: newer, better and puts the girls in charge. Until we shut down and realize it’s really all the same.

This year’s latest DIY costume pays homage to the app that has been making my palms sweat over crafting subpar introductions since 2014. Our relationship can be best described as “download, delete, repeat.”

Upon download the world feels new again as you swipe through hot guys until realizing it’s front-loaded with beautiful model/actors who you’ll never meet. You might finally work up the balls to message a match to have it go unanswered or stall out after 2.5 exchanges. On the off-chance you go out, you’ll have a great time, drink a couple beers, perform standup open mic, discover he has a kid, kiss at the end of Santa Monica Pier and abruptly decide maybe you’re actually cool with children. Until he never texts again.


How to Make a DIY Bumble App Costume

This is why I decided to do a Bachelorette boys version, but I imagine it could be fun to use your guy friends and/or disaster dates.

What You’ll Need

Bumble Printouts

Steps to Make It

  1. Print out the Bachelor boys (or create your own with guys of your liking): Bumble Costume Guys PDFs
  2. Laminate. While Kinkos’ customer service makes me want to punch a wall, my laminated print outs came out great.
  3. Punch holes. Punch a hole in the bottom of each print out, in the same place on each guy so that the holes align.
  4. Apply the Velcro. Arrange the guys in the order you would like them. Cut two small squares of Velcro. Stick one side of the squares on the top corners of Guy #2. Cut two similar-sized small squares of the other side of Velcro. Peel off the back and stick the two Velcro’s together. Lay Guy #1 on top and press down so that the Velcro attaches to the back of him. Repeat for each of the guys. Add an extra square for the last guy so that he won’t fall off. Apply a strip of Velcro across the top of the tank or dress and Velcro on the guys.
  5. Fasten. Quickly use a fastener to attach the guys by sticking it through the punched holes and your tank or dress. I would recommend duct taping the back of the fastener, if possible, to hold it into place. (Mine became a little loose after swiping.)
  6. Swipe away! Left for ‘not compatible’ and right for ‘you’re adorable’

Except I accidentally swiped in the opposite direction while photographing mine…

Despite reminding America what most hot 26 year old guys probably do behind our backs, there will always be a soft place for Dean.


Peter was my favorite on Rachel’s season. But then his Instagram account happened.


Oh Alex…


So underrated.


DeMario is so pretty. But first there was the girl friend. And then that time they shut down Paradise.


Dear Wells, will you accept my final rose? Or marry Danielle. Either way.