This was the first year that my old school Easter lamb cake has made it to the office with its head still intact. And my Grandma would be proud.

While some people received jewelry, others furniture, and my brother her antique Saltines container, I fought for and won the old school Easter lamb cake. As a result, I have held up my end by baking the traditional Easter lamb cake year-over-year.


However, this year was the first that I have finally done it without countless toothpicks holding its neck intact like bobby pins in bridal hair.

How to Make an Old School Easter Lamb Cake

Call it experience, or call it access to Google, but below are the steps that I’ve learned and taken. If you don’t have a lamb mold, you can purchase a vintage mold from Etsy or a simple lamb 3-D cake mold on Amazon.

1. Mix the cake.

I used a Funfetti cake mix. When I thought that this meant I was failure who my Grandma would surely frown upon my dad reassured me, “If cake mix would’ve been around back then, she would’ve used it. Homemade was out of necessity.”

2. Grease the crap out of the pan then flour.

This is the most important part. I used vegetable oil spray, then greased again using Crisco and a paper towl to make sure that every crevice was covered. Because I was drinking wine, I forgot to flour the pan after, but that helps too.


3. Pour the cake mix into the front side of the lamb (its face).


4. Tie the ends with cotton string.


5. Bake the cake for 5 minutes longer than the cake mix says.

Remove once cooled by slowly turning over onto a baking sheet.


6. Frost the cake pan.

Put a layer of cake pan on the plate that will be used to stand the lamb cake up.


7. Frost the lamb.

Start at the bottom to make sure that the lamb cake has a steady base. It should only take 1 container of frosting. Mine took two because I ate frosting while drinking wine, per usual.


8. Decorate with Icing

Use white Cake Icing and the star tip to create a textured coat by squeezing in a line along the parameter of the cake.





9. Draw on the eyes, nose and ears.

Some people use candy in place of the eyes and nose, but I used the William-Sonoma food paint to create the cute eyelashes.



10. Dye dried coconut with green food coloring to create the grass.

Since many people have a thing against dried coconut, I just use it as the grass that the lamb sits on instead of its coat.


And enjoy! The lamb’s head should remain intact…



Until your co-workers decide it’s cake time.

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