“I feel like that’s a lot of alcohol…” I said as I watched my Aunt Rosie pour two frozen lemonade cans-worth of Maker’s Mark into the glass jar.

“It’s a party starter!” she replied. “It’s going to be a day drunk.”

And this is why I am the way I am.


Grandma Maggie’s Whiskey Sours

Moments before whipping out the Maker’s Mark, my Aunt Rosie took me upstairs for the first time. She recently purchased my great grandmother’s house in the middle of Freeburg, Illinois, and as I looked around the bedrooms I imagined my grandma as a little girl, enjoying the wide open bedrooms with vaulted ceilings in the same way that I enjoyed them at her house when I was little.



I’m from a small town in Southern Illinois where my dad grew up in a house of 10 kids, including my Aunt Rosie. She now has a blog called Sockbox10 where she shares our family recipes, which I selfishly love, from my homemade bread to my Grandma’s favorite drinks.

“Okay, now let’s give it a little taste,” Aunt Rosie said as she handed me a 1/3 cup measuring cup as my ‘tasting spoon.’ We both dipped them in and savored the sour, sugary taste. “I think we need to taste it again.”


How to Make the Perfect Whiskey Sour

Warning: May result in dancing around the living room doing the train with your relatives.



  • 1 large orange juice
  • 2 large lemon juice
  • 1 cup powdered sugar dissolved in OJ can of water
  • 2 large cans whiskey
  • 1 large can of water



  • Mix all the above
  • Put into gallon jar
  • Add large 7-Up to make 1 gallon
  • Enjoy!


By the end of photo-taking, my dad and Aunt Pattie had joined us until we were, in fact, day drunk. As my dad and I left to go home, my family members began to arrive for Aunt Rosie’s party. After a 30-minute nap and make-up refresh, I was back over for more. She was right… it is a party starter indeed.