After 10 months of being too stubborn to purchase one for our Los Angeles apartment (“We really shouldn’t be using a microwave anyway…”) my roommate’s coworker gifted us her daughter’s from college.

If I stop to think about this too long I’m freaked out about the direction my life is going. Even in college I had a brand new microwave with the works, but I’m just going to focus on being ecstatic.


While in theory one would think that you can reheat food just as easily in the oven, it’s not my thing. For 10 months, I’ve tried to make it my thing. But it’s not. Because of this my routine food prepping has become non-existent, and I’ve struggled to get back to my Arizona bod.

Well, let the food prepping begin! I’m even going to be one of those crazy people who goes in my bathroom right now and takes a before photo of myself in a bikini. As terrifying as it might be, I need proof of life Before Microwave and After.

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