They say you never forget your first. And what about the second?

A plaid button-down hung loosely over a pair of dark acid wash skinny jeans. His hair was parted to the side for the occasion, and girls swarmed around him as he nonchalantly made his way around the crowd. Later while everyone sang “happy birthday” to him, he wrapped his arms around his mom who I know dearly. And who he is always quick to introduce.

As guests left he unabashedly embraced them with the sweetest grin and then clung to me as I said goodbye.


My first baby love was celebrating his birthday, and the Uber rides there were worth every penny despite the anxiety faced in the presence of a backyard petting zoo, strangers’ babies and a crowd of couples. Jack’s second birthday could not be missed.

In the “27 Isn’t What I Thought It Would Be” article, I wrote how I was a Grinch pre-Jack; however, similar to Cindy Lou Who, my heart grew x10 two years ago. And like leftover pizza, he gets even better with age as my heart just continues to expand, like my post-pizza ribcage.


10 Things Guys Could Learn from this 2 Year Old

In honor of his birthday, here are 10 things I wish every guy did just like Jack.

1. Realize reading is cool.

Jack’s not into girls who list their favorite book as “I don’t read.”


2. Appreciate art.

Because pumpkins and wall art aren’t going to paint themselves.


And sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.



3. Embrace your inner O.C.D.

When there isn’t lint to be picked, there is surely a floor to be swept, wiped or mopped…


Every nook and cranny.




4. Take manners into your own hands.

A true gentleman is always ready for dinner with baes.


Or without.


Do you know how to set a table, bro?


5. Break the rules when appropriate.


6. Acknowledge that Mom is #1.

Not just because she feeds you. And clothes you. And wipes the snot from your nose…


But because she’s a cool, tough chick who always has your back. And is the one who always knows.


7. Be a hopeless bromantic.

Love your bros like you would your.. clothes. Love knows no gender.


8. Create a signature look.

Maybe it’s hipster. Maybe it’s edgy. Maybe it’s Lulu. Whatever it is, do you.

Just chillin

And a great fade.


9. Laugh at yourself.

Because we all fall…


But there’s a way to look cute doing it.


10. Love like you’re two.

Love your sister like she never complained. Kiss the girl like rejection’s not a thing. And be quick to embrace those who aren’t always the first to hug…


Because even those who love you could use the reminder.


Thank you for the reminder, Jack.


And P.S.

Please never change.

xo Aunt Annie