“I wonder what percentage of dude my face is.”

Said no guy ever.

Last year I introduced you to Lulu, the app that allows girls to review guys which seemingly never gained much momentum. Come to find out, girls don’t really care if he’s a #manchild. Or we chalk up negative feedback to crazies. Or we’re just going to do what we want anyway.

So I imagine that after analyzing the apps’ underwhelming metrics, the team at Lulu’s sat in their office wondering how they could pivot the app into a product that would offer valuable insights based on the technology already built.


How Dude Do I Look?

What they decided to create had to be the result of

  • A. Someone lacing the company potluck brownies
  • B. Desperation
  • C. A similar brain lapse as the one I experienced when writing the dumbest poem – with unattractive pale pictures – about strapless bras
  • D. All of the above

How Dude Do I Look allows users to simply upload a photo of themselves and Lulu uses its gender detection and facial recognition technology to give you a percent score for your face’s level of masculinity.


What Do Guys Think?

I asked 4 guys the following questions:

  1. Do you have any interest in finding out how “dude” your face is?
  2. Why or why not?
  3. How would you describe “How Dude Do I Look?” (Unnecessary, Almost Offensive, Funny, Dumb or Other)

Guy #1, 31 years old

No, Unnecessary
Not really something I worry about in my life.

Guy #2, 27 years old

No, Almost Offensive
There are already so many misconceptions about what defines “masculinity” – this seems like a waste of time.


Guy #3, 31 years old

No, but Funny
In addition to the fact that it feels both subjective and irrational, the only reason I would ever care to quantify my masculinity is to determine my attractiveness to women. But, I’ve realized that my attractiveness has far more to do with my energy and personality than it does with my face anyway. So, I guess it doesn’t really matter how “dude I look”. But it is mildly entertaining, like talking to a drunk homeless guy; you would never take it serious, but you might participate just for fun.

Guy #4, 28 years old

No, Dumb
This app is completely useless and for the small amount of people who will download it, they will use it once and never again. I have absolutely no desire to see how “dude” I look. This app should be euthanized immediately. Worthless.


What Do I Think?

In the wake of Bruce Jenner’s brave interview which shed much-needed light on the detrimental effects of strict gender definitions, it seems like exceptionally ill-timing for such an app. In fact, one of the interview’s greatest messages was mitigating the common misconception that gender and sexuality are directly related.

Therefore, it feels like one huge step backward when TechCrunch’s article quotes Lulu CEO Alexandra Chong saying, “‘We tackle things one-by-one, so I think around the areas of gender identification; it’s something that we want to start to see: How will Lulu evolve into a product that will also [accommodate] gay men and gay women? It’s definitely on our roadmap.’”

Exactly what is on your roadmap? An app that tells someone how gay or straight they are based on their face?

Sorry Lulu, when I launch my app called “How Dumb Do You Look?” I have a feeling you’ll score 100%.

P.S. Who still uses the word “dude”?