“What am I going to pack? What is going to Goodwill? When the hell did I procure this?”

Like any move, I carefully combed through every piece of storyofmylifecards.com, unearthing embarrassing old blog posts and recalling each SOML moment that led me to designing the cards. I chose what I wanted to keep and what would be better left behind. What you’ll find here at thestoryofmylife.com are the belongings of our new home. They’re the silly stories, life advice and sometimes emotional experiences that I’ve shared with you. And what you won’t find are the greeting cards.

In short, our new home has less cards, more stories and life.

You may wonder why, and I think it’s important to explain the few reasons that led to this move.

1. I started giving less cards.

As I mentioned on SOML Cards, I’ve loved greeting cards since I was 4 years old, starting with a detailed drawing of a McDonald’s Happy Meal to thank my neighbor lady for the fast food trip when I had chicken pox. I think of greeting cards as magical little pieces of paper that have the wonderful ability to put a smile on someone’s face and say something you may be lacking the words to say. However, I realized that over the years I had put so much pressure on myself to create cards that would not only appeal to my friends and family, but also to the general public, that I had started giving less and less cards. It may sound selfish, but I want to truly enjoy cards again, including some of my favorite brands that I think you’ll like too: Pistachio Press, Breathless Paper and Greenwich Letterpress.


2. It’s okay to change direction.

Currently, I’m reading #GIRLBOSS – very slowly to savor every page – and there seems to be a theme among all the women entrepreneurs in the book, a lesson that has really resonated with me lately, and I think the fashion designer, Norma Kamali, says it best when she speaks about knowing oneself and your dreams: “My advice would be to dream and never stop dreaming. Making my dreams come true has always inspired me to work hard. One dream is never enough, and your dream can be molded and finessed along the way to become relevant and successful.” My experience with Story of My Life so far has taught me more about myself than I could’ve imagined – so much so that I feel very confident in the new direction. It’s still the same SOML but just the best of it, like upgrading from your college dorm room to first apartment. And it feels right.

Similarly, someone once commented on a blog post that I had missed my calling; that I should’ve been a writer. That comment stuck with me and challenged me to prove to myself and everyone else that it’s never too late.

Change Quote

3. Sharing blog posts is actually pretty similar to sending cards.

The more I blogged, the more I discovered how many people actually shared what I wrote. I started being approached by random people I barely know telling me that their friend sent them one of the articles, and they could totally relate. I started to realize that I could accomplish the same goal while doing something that I grew to enjoy more. I want to give people something that puts that same smile on their face and that helps them feel like they’re not alone in this crazy, silly, nonsensical world of dating disasters, bad haircuts and anxiety-ridden hangovers. And I want to start telling the stories of other people’s lives too to spread the SOML love because I sure as heck don’t have all the answers.

Now, feel free to take a look around, make yourself at home and stay tuned for even more boxes and blog posts to be unpacked.