You can take the girl out of the slightly inappropriate greeting card company, but you can’t take the slightly inappropriate greeting cards out of the girl.

Guys might not love Valentine’s Day, but they do like to be reminded that you’re still into them. At least this is what I’ve gathered from talking to my male co-workers.

Below are my hand-picked favorite cards that you won’t find at Hallmark.

Fancy Pair Card

8 Slightly Inappropriate Valentines for Guys

  1. Be My Fucking Valentine – Calligraphuck offers my favorite swearing cards because life is too short to always be polite.
  2. Welcome to Make Out City – Perfect for either a semi-boyfriend or long-time boo.
  3. You Can Stay But Your Clothes Must Go – Straight from Dear Gypsy’s “Aggressive Flirting” card category.
  4. Fancy Pair – And then surprise him by not wearing grannie panties.
  5. I Often Think Of You… Naked – A card that can really be given on any day of the week.
  6. Let’s Make Out – If you find someone you like to make out with never let them go.
  7. Damn Boy – Sometimes boys like to be mildly sexually harassed too.
  8. I Love You Let’s Do It – For those in long-term relationships, remind your partner that you’re still down.

A few goodies that pair well with Valentine’s Day cards…

  1. Sugarfina Maple Bourbon Chocolates, $18
  2. Rub With Love Salmon Rub, $18
  3. California Love Salted Pretzel Dark Bar, $9.95

Compartes Chocolate