When you’re a single girl living in Los Angeles, the movie billboards are exciting at first. On nearly every street corner, bus stop and apartment building you spot larger-than-life scenes of your favorite actors announcing the next movie that you must see. Nothing quite beats staring at a 12-foot poster of Ryan Gosling posing for “The Nice Guys” while pumping gas.

Except when it feels impossible to find someone to watch the movie with you. The movie billboards then transform into monumental reminders of how difficult it is to wrangle a movie date.

Happn See You There

Each Friday leaves me exhausted from work and attempting to text girlfriends about the movies except only to find that they’re staying in with their boyfriend. Surely one of the guys who I’ve crossed paths with recently on Happn would want to join, but those conversations probably should’ve started yesterday in order to know what people have planned.

I don’t mind cuddling up with a bucket of popcorn in the back row, but it also makes me wonder, “Isn’t there an easier way to find someone else who wants to see a movie?”


See You There

Now Happn is making it even easier to meet up with your missed connections. Instead of wondering if potential crushes are available to hang out you can know instantly, as well as if they’re interested in doing the same thing at the same time.

Happn’s new feature called “See You There” lets you indicate that you’re free for an activity and receive invitations from others who would like to meet to do the same thing. The activity you choose will be displayed on your profile as a badge for the next four hours. To accept the invitation, you simply need to like their profile and from there you can start coordinating the details of the date.


Let’s say it’s Friday evening, and the movie theaters is calling your name. Instead of popcorn and Twizzlers on your own, you can use “See You There” to show Happn users who you’ve crossed paths with that you’re down to catch a movie. Happn crushes can then easily reach out to join you.


So next time I’m filling up at the gas pump after a long day of work and longingly staring over at the movie billboard across the street, instead of saying “Sorry, Ryan Gosling” I can use Happn and say, “See you there!”


If you don’t have happn yet, download it here for free:  iPhone, Android and Windows phone.