Exactly one week after Valentine’s Day, a Facebook Event invite was received for a pool party taking place on February 21. Though I felt a tinge of fear – my body is still not quite ready to rock a bikini – a smile spread across my face as I did a little happy dance at my desk. It was the first sign that Single Season has officially begun.


While some people look forward to the first sighting of Pumpkin Lattes on the Starbucks menu or Christmas lights being strung, I anxiously await that week after Valentine’s Day when the focus has shifted from cozying up to significant others to warm days filled with outings and no expectation of soliciting a date for holiday parties.

What is Single Season

It’s the magical time of the year that exists from early Spring to early Fall that provides the perfect playground for singles. Pressure to commit is low and newly available options are in abundance.

Note: You do not need to be single to enjoy this time of year; however, if you are single, you sure as heck better enjoy it. It’s your time.

Why This Time of Year

By now you know that I am one of those Oprah Winfrey/Dalai Lama/Little Miss Sunshine types who consumes self-help material and regurgitates the “enjoy every moment” advice as the answer to nearly everything. That said, the winter months are not my fave.

November 15 – February 15 is pretty much a three-month dating black out period in which singles go into hibernation over the holidays. Wikipedia gets it: “Often associated with cold temperatures, the purpose of hibernation is to conserve energy during a period when sufficient food is scarce.” And by food, I think they mean available men.


Instead of wasting energy on limited resources (guys who are either commitment-phobic or co-dependent on old flames), singles conserve their energy while they endure the following.

  • November: Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without questions from my relatives about who I’m dating followed by the annoying, “Why not?”
  • December: Let’s face it: No one wants to go on a first date in December. People are too busy either reaching out to former beaus or clinging onto their current boo.
  • January: What New Year’s Eve kiss?
  • February: Again, no one wants to date before Valentine’s Day for fear of the awkward “Do we go to dinner? Is that too serious? Should I even contact them on V-Day?”

Which leads us to February 15 and freedom in the form of longer, sunny days and little pressure to spend nights in with someone. Just as flowers begin to produce buds and new bikinis become available on NastyGal.com, singles re-emerge from hibernation, rested and ready to mingle.



So, where are these singles I boast about?

  • Spring Training games: The baseball boys are back in town, and girls can be found flocking to the fields to watch them while simultaneously getting a tan. Not a baseball boy? Even better.
  • Music Festivals: Savor attending concerts and Coachella without a +1. Wear whatever the hell you want, dance like a maniac and maybe make out with a college kid. Why not?
  • Enjoying outdoor activities: This could mean hiking or just day drinking at an outdoor bar on a Sunday.
  • Pool parties: Okay, confession. One year, at the beginning of Single Season, I really fell for a Tinder match, and in a completely immature way began to panic: “I can’t go into pool party season with a boyfriend.” The flame faded for other reasons, (the premature use of “hun” and “miss you” to be precise), but I can’t pretend that I wasn’t slightly relieved.
  • Vacationing: Singles, enjoy the ability to make last-minute travel plans with your friends without considering anyone else’s schedule. Have a Spring Fling with an out-of-towner, whether you’re simply staycationing or off to Cabo.


You can find my single lady friends and I riding our beach cruisers around town and self-improving for crop tops. Besides, if you play your cards, carbs and champagne right, this could be your last so enjoy. Cheers!