“Leah, I feel like it’s time for me to commit,” I said, lying back in the chair. It was the first time she heard me say these words in the past 7 years together except the Tinder crush of Summer 2013. “But what if I change my mind someday?”

“That could happen,” Leah, my esthetician, replied. And pulled another strip of wax.

“HOLY helllllll,” I squeezed the facial towel she had handed me, as if the tight grip would somehow alleviate the pain of hundreds of hair follicles being ripped from below the belt.


Yes. Laser needed to happen. If I wanted to be bear then I needed to make a one-time investment instead of enduring monthly breakups with the hairs down there. And as a girl who believes baby smooth skin sends out positive vibes to the Universe, I was fairly certain that a permanent parting was in my best interest.

But what if style changes? Will bushes ever come back? What if I fall for a guy who has a strong preference for landing strips and/or finds bald eagle weirdly prepubescent? So…

Question #1: What do guys prefer?
Question #2: Do girls feel the same? And do we care?


What Pubic Hair Style Do Guys Prefer on Girls?

Guys were asked which hair styles they like from the following options and why:

  • Bald eagle
  • Landing strip
  • Au naturale
  • Something fun – MC Hammer fade, perhaps
  • All of the above
  • Other

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Washington DC guy, 30

Landing strip

Sherman Oaks guy, 38

Landing strip

Phoenix guy, 34

All of the above
Honestly, I like hair down there… but somewhat maintained. But it’s always fun to change the style up to keep things interesting (bald, landing, Christmas tree, etc).


Scottsdale guy, 31

Bald eagle
In the end it doesn’t really matter too much, but a full bush would be a little intense. No to that.

Scottsdale guy, 30

Bald eagle
I would say bald or landing strip. Sometimes it’s fun to switch it up.

Scottsdale guy, 32

Landing strip
Bald is obviously preferred to being completely unkept, but some sort of landing strip is best. Bald is just too much like a little girl, and that’s gross. But the biggest turn on about a landing strip is that a girl has to be comfortable enough with herself to spend time maintaining that area. And sex is always better with the girl who knows herself best.

Scottsdale guy, 33

Bald eagle
Seems cleaner if you are going down on a girl


Scottsdale guy, 32

Something fun – MC Hammer fade, perhaps
Actually don’t have a preference as long as there’s some sort of maintenance down there. It gets kinda annoying when a girls doesn’t feel sexy if things aren’t picture perfect down there. Guys don’t care as much as girls think they do.


What Pubic Hair Style Do Girls Prefer?

The same question was asked to girls about their own hair down there. Their answers?


Phoenix girl, 28

Landing strip
Specifically waxed- I feel cleaner, smoother, fresher & I don’t have to worry about it for longer periods of time. The strip is just so I don’t look like a pre-pubescent teen!

Phoenix girl, 26

Bald eagle
Honestly I don’t even know what a landing strip should look like. Easier to just whack it all off.


Scottsdale girl, 27

Bald eagle
Hair is gross.

St. Louis girl, 29

Either bald eagle or landing strip
It depends on the weather. Sunny months require silky smooth and wintertime calls for a little extra fur down there, but I don’t take it as far as NoShavember.

Los Angeles girl, 29

Bald eagle
Being totally bare down there feels cleaner to me.

Illinois girl, 28

Bald eagle


New York girl, 28

Natural with a tight trim
I waxed for a very long time. After countless ingrown hairs and $60 a pop, I decided to just let the hair grow and tightly trim with a buzzer or eye brow scissors. I’m not very hairy (I’d never shave my legs if it weren’t for the way my blonde hair looks in the sun), so just trimming and shaving my bikini line when necessary is more than sufficient. Now that I’ve been operating this way for a bit, I think I’d feel like a young girl if I were to go completely bald. And I’ve have zero comments from guys, even when I’ve been reluctant to trim, no issues!

Phoenix girl, 27

Bald eagle
It’s an all around feeling of being fresh and clean!

Canada girl, 24

Landing strip
Clean vs. Au Naturale. Landing strip is the best of both! I love the look, plus my boyfriend goes crazy for it.

Scottsdale girl, 26

Bald eagle
It’s just what I’ve always done, shaved it all. BUT, I do know that some guys prefer a little landing strip or like to switch it up from time to time. I don’t personally get laser hair removal for that reason. You never know if in 10 years bushes are in again! Lol Maybe you could laser the major parts and leave some room for design.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Similar to my Jetta being currently parked in my Los Angeles parking garage while my beach cruiser resides in Scottsdale, perhaps the last survey response is onto something. Partial commitment could be the answer.

Because maybe someday I’ll want the option to go back… in the same way that I’m having coffee this week with the Tinder crush of Summer 2013.