How to Not Lose Yourself in a Relationship

“‘Tomorrow, if we got divorced, I would be sad, but I would be okay.’” Beau adjusted his baseball cap...

How to Turn Your Passion Into a Successful Side Business

Over the past decade, since starting a greeting card company and transitioning it into this blog, I’ve met with...

How to Coach to Build Badasses

The sound of thunder produces both feelings of fear and excitement:  Fear of the effects of lightning and excitement...

The Sum of the Small Things

“What’s everyone doing this weekend?” Adam asked. His deep, booming voice broke the soft silence in the small conference...

Life Without Limits

On the morning of January 1, 2017, I sat on the living room floor, slightly suffocating from the previous...

Life Lessons

From failures to daily wins, these are stories with a lesson at the end.

About me

Hi, everyone.
My name is Annie!

This is the story of my life, and the story of others' lives, too - just for you. Each article features a real story with life lessons and takeaways. Enjoy!

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Interviews with badasses

From guy + girl bosses
to quitting jobs
and following dreams,
these people are
pretty awesome.

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