“‘You’ll sell a skyscraper if you dress better,’” Zee said in her best male impersonation, looking to her right. Even through tinted Ray-bans I could spot the eye roll.

“Dress for success!” Ruben replied back with a smug grin. “That’s what I always say.” And even through his blue mirrored Ray-bans I was pretty sure his eyes betrayed him. As he looked to his left the little glimmer still said, “I’d buy real estate from you if you were wearing a potato sack.”


My Boyfriend Dressed Me for a Week

Splattered paint coated Zee’s baggy ripped jeans and black tee while wet paint brushes hung from his back pocket the last time that I saw the couple at Ruben’s Beautify Earth mural painting project. Now, sitting across the table from them at Spin Fish, it was a different picture.

Zee’s black tee and distressed jeans had been retired and replaced by a bold, blue jacket and color-drenched dress: Ruben’s latest masterpiece.

She’s so fucking colorful,” said Ruben in explaining his wardrobe choices during their week-long experiment prompted by one of Facebook’s latest “I Let My Husband Dress Me for a Week” articles. Ruben used it as an opportunity to challenge Zee’s standard black t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and boots to better match her vibrant personality. But how did it turn out?

The Week of Boyfriend-Picked Looks

The experiment was simple: For one week Ruben chose Zee’s look for the day from heels to hair. Whatever he chose, she sported to work and out at night.

Day 1


This was his first outfit today that he chose from head to toe and I’m impressed! He picked these silk pants I bought almost a year ago because they were on sale and have never worn because every time I put them on I think they look unflattering and they’d get hidden again. He always said they looked great but in typical girl fashion, I didn’t believe him. But today I wore them confidently and kind of liked them! 1-1. ???? #trustyourboyfriendweek

Day 2


Day 2 of let your boyfriend dress you experiment. He put me in green pants, leopard cover up and what I felt was a contrasting floral head scarf. His reasoning – “I picked these items and combo to add movement and flow to you since you’re typically in jeans and a tank. I didn’t want your hair up in a typical bun but wanted to frame your beautiful face. Mixing these colors and pallets together allowed for some flare while not screaming in brightness.” I always talk about wrapping scarfs in my curls but I never actually do because I never think it looks quiet as good as it does on the Pinterest girls. I got 3 compliments on my outfit today, especially on the headband! My confidence on the outfit started at maybe 40% and grew throughout the day. Still very impressed with @rubenrojas styling skills! ??‍♀️#trustyourboyfriendweek

Day 3


Day 3 of the let your boyfriend dress you experiment. @rubenrojas says – “Today’s outfit is inspired by getting you out of pants and putting on something tight fitting but yet professional. The jacket is loose and unstructured to drape over you to keep you warm with a fun vibe that works for business or happy hour. The scarf is the missing pop of color and zest. It was the missing piece that brought this outfit together. It also happens to be mine”. He also picked out my accessories! Unless it’s a fancy dress or nighttime, I’m not the biggest fan of form fitting day dresses. Typical guy, he loves them. I’ve always been insecure about my ginormous booty (I know I know, it’s what a lot of girls squat for – we always want what we don’t have right. I’m learning to accept it!) and have never felt the need to accentuate it. If he had made me wear the dress on its own, I’m sure I would have been uncomfortable all day! But with the long coat, I love it. 3 for 3 and very impressed to know my babe is a closeted fashionista….and that he owns such a vibrant silk scarf! ?? #trustyourboyfriendweek #humpday #boyfriendstylist

Day 4


Day 4 of let your boyfriend dress you experiment… Today’s outfit explanation : “I chose today’s outfit because I wanted to add more color to Zee’s ever so consistent color palette (black, black and shades of black) and to continue to push her comfort level. Although I do wonder how this made it into her closet in the first place, she must have been feeling a little randy at time of purchase. Fun fact the tags were still attached. Ask her how long she’s owned this dress.”

I feel like a giant flashing light in this outfit, and seriously how the hell did that dress ever get bought?! I do love that jacket though and it rarely gets warm. ???#trustyourboyfriendweek #boyfriendstylist

Day 5


Day 4 outfit #2 of the let your boyfriend dress you experiment. The trend seems to be that he likes blazers on me. @rubenrojas says he’s been choosing the blazers because I have so many of them yet I’m always wearing the same 2 jackets, my military or leather jacket. .
He says : “I chose this outfit because we were going out to an evening outdoor gathering. The outfit was casual yet sophisticated. Although the tones are darker, the burgundy pants still adds some color. The snakeskin shoes were her Christmas present from me that I wanted her to wear.”
I give this outfit 10 out of 10 on being right up my comfy causal style! ???#trustyourboyfriendweek

Day 6


Episode 5 of the let your boyfriend dress you experiment. So much for casual Friday! This is the complete opposite of what I would be wearing right now if I was dressing myself. I remember the days where you couldn’t find me without heels, now I’m flats all day everyday. Is this what happens when you’re about to turn 30?!

@rubenrojas very short explanation was : “I chose this because my babe looks hot in a dress and her jeans need a little rest.This dress is simple and she looks amazing in maroon.” .
He also has to give me a foot rub later when my feet are killing me from these shoes. ???#trustyourboyfriendweek #notsocasual #friyay

Day 7


The let your boyfriend dress you game has concluded and I’m so excited to get back into my comfy clothes! It’s been entertaining and clearly made me realize my style had taken a complete opposite turn at some point from fashion to comfort. But I’m ok with that! Maybe my 30s will bring back some style. Also, I don’t know how I feel about finding out @rubenrojas can dress me better than I dress myself. ???? #idressedmyself

What Zee and Ruben Realized

“You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable,” Ruben said as one of the goals for the week. And that’s just what Zee was forced to do, from colorful headbands to unworn high heels with their tags still attached.


“At the beginning of the day I wasn’t sold,” said Zee. “But by the end of the day I got more comfortable and felt more confident. It helped that people were giving positive feedback.”

“It also cut down on outfit changes,” Ruben added. Without the ability to argue her way out of bright dresses and silk pants, Zee saved an hour each day that was formerly dedicated to trying on and tossing pieces from her closet. By the end of the week her closet had also narrowed after Ruben disposed of 20-30 pairs of shoes because they were never worn.

“By the end of it I was more open,” Zee explained. “But I was excited to wear my sneakers!”


The couple is currently in Colombia this week building homes for underprivileged families in their splatter painted t-shirts and jeans… where Zee is proving that selling skyscrapers is all relative. And doesn’t always take stilettos.