Let's tell your story

We all have a story, and we want to you help you tell yours.

I would say, if I had to pick one factor for our success, it would surprise people. A lot of people think it would be brand and design. Others would think it’s the 100% model, or transparency, or proof, or technology, or all this stuff.
It’s storytelling.

– Scott Harrison, Charity: Water

Written Stories

Add branded content to your website and build out your blog with stories of your business.

Photos & Video

Visuals make the story come alive, from lifestyle portrait shots to full-length commercial videos.

Content Marketing

Stories are told with SEO at top of mind, and we believe in content that can be repurposed across all marketing channels.

What's your story?

Stats are boring. Connect with your audience by sharing why you started, the background of your team members and how you’re changing lives. We’ll conduct the interviews, write the articles, capture the photos and video and market them through SEO and email marketing copy. It just starts with the story.


Annie Janssen

I write and visually capture stories, plus market them.

By day, I work in the tech world as an Online Marketing Manager and Product Manager. By morning, noon and night, I’m a writer and photographer for The Story of My Life.


Anthony Janssen

I write and produce video content and blockbuster films.

After attending Vancouver Film School, I started Ladge Media to create branded content, commercials and films for clients looking to tell their story.