Live out loud.

A lifestyle blog offering advice on dating, fashion, fitness, as well as real-life stories. With a little humor and a huge dose of authenticity, it helps you navigate everything from How to Make Emoji Cookies to cute swimsuits to the crazy world of dating and relationships.

A blog for life’s yins + yangs

  • Cardio + cookies
  • Swimsuits + sweatpants
  • Totally together + falling apart

You might like it if…

You think love is as complicated as assembling IKEA furniture. You wish Carrie Bradshaw was a real person minus being slightly desperate. You find humor in awkwardness. Your workouts are fueled by your love of carbohydrates. You’ve had a hard day and/or one too many cocktails.


About Annie

I’m a Software Product Manager by day and SOML writer/photographer by morning, noon and night. My best ideas happen somewhere between coffee and wine. My perfect day would include an early morning workout, consuming some sugar, making art, laughing with friends, dancing like a maniac and documenting all of it.

For more about the inspiration behind SOML read How My First Lingerie Sale Changed My Life.

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